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This set includes a Collar Wrap and a Back Wrap.


Relax Wraps are extremely versatile. They may be used on pretty much any area of the body.


Every Relax Wrap may be used in 3 ways. You choose what will help you most at that moment.

1. You may want your Relax Wrap for Deep Pressure Therapy only. This helps with anxiety.

2. You may want Deep Pressure + Hot Therapy. This soothes achy muscles and provides even more help with anxiety and depression.

3. You may want Deep Pressure + Cold Therapy. This helps with inflammation. It also provides a quick natural energy boost, thanks to that refreshing cold sensation.


No matter how or where you use it, you will feel better.

Click How A Relax Wrap Works to learn more about Deep Pressure Therapy!

You can add aromatherapy and choose your fabric. Click Customize to learn more!


Collar Weight: 5 lbs

Collar Dimensions: 33w x 12h x 1d

Back Weight: 2 lbs

Back Dimensions: 55.5w x 8.5h, x 1d


All of our Relax Wraps can be heated in the microwave, warmed in a sunny window sill, used at room temp and chilled in the freezer or refrigerator. Don't overheat or get them wet.

Please read both sides of our Relax Wraps instructions / suggestions for use card carefully & often for successful and safe enjoyment.

Relax Wraps, 615-872-0505



Reviews (6)

Jane Mar 9th 2022


I ordered The collar and back set. I did not realize however that there was such an odor from the flaxseeds, especially to the one I’m using for my neck and back. Perhaps that’s why you offer them scented? Had I realized that I would’ve added that but alas, it’s too late for that. Other than that I’m finding them very useful for my aches and pains!

Dean Vicky Carter May 17th 2021

Collar and back set

This is my second pair. I love these wraps. They are perfect for shoulders, neck and low back. These last a long time. My fiirst set is 3 years old. I use them almost every day. My husband uses them too, so we ordered a new set. These are the best wraps out there.

Additional Info

Additional Info

7.00 LBS

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