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Becky Jan 23rd 2024


I have the basic pack that I have used almost daily for 5 years. It has held up wonderfully and I love it. Even the dog comes running to sit in my lap when I have it. I decided to upgrade to the neck/shoulder wrap after a recent injury. This is a great product too—the weight is nice and love the heat on these chilly days!

Briana T Mar 6th 2024


Have purchased several of these in all shapes and sizes! Used for my dad after knee surgery, mom during her cancer journey, sore kids during wrestling season, grandkids boo boos and so much more!

Devin W Apr 8th 2024

Super fast shipping, amazing products!

I ordered this product on a Wednesday and got it the very same week on Friday! That’s insane fast shipping!! These wraps work so well for pain, I will be buying more for gifts for others!

Cathy B Apr 2nd 2024

XL Basic Wrap

If I could give Relax Wrap 10 stars, I would. This is my second XL Basic Wrap and it is the same expertly made wrap as the one I ordered 10 years ago! The 10 year old wrap is just as functional as the day I bought it but decided it was time to stop sharing with hubby and get my own. Your family owned business Rocks!!

Carla Oct 5th 2023

Back for more!

I have purchased these wraps for more than 10 years now, both for myself and others. I love them, I cannot say enough just how much I love them. I have one for eyes, back, and shoulders. My family members love theirs, too. Menstrual cramps, sciatica, shoulder pain, headaches, all relieved to varying degrees thanks to these wraps. I also love they are made right here in the US. Thanks you guys!

Linda A  Jan 14th 2023

Convenient, Safe, and Versatile

I recently bought the Heart Set, which has been wonderful for hip problems with the bonus of the eye wrap to "wake up the eye glands," as my eye doctor would say. It's so nice to use the eye wrap while relaxing and listening to recorded books. These wraps are so much better than a heating pad, and far more convenient, as well as safe. and versatile considering that they can be used for cold applications, too.

Cindy 1/21/23

I received the two wraps today and they are perfect. I can’t tell you how much your above and beyond customer service means.
Your company is truly outstanding and I really appreciate your going out of your way to help me with a special birthday gift for my daughter.
You can be assured that I will always recommend your company to everyone I know.
Blessings to you and Mama Sue,


Dawn S Sep 9th 2022

Heart Set

I love this set—I have ordered it before and thought the quality was excellent for the price. The weight of the flaxseed is just right—they stay warm for a good time. I also like the fact that I can go to sleep and not worry about getting burned like with an electric heating pad. Also, as the flax naturally cools the tissue/muscles gradually cool down so when you move after apply heat the muscle doesn’t lock up.

AMANDA from Ohio  Sept 15 2022

I have been ordering for years and will never buy another brand or type of heating pad!

Trip WJun 7th 2022

Great product!


I play competitive sports and am well into my 50s, so aches in my shoulder, back and neck are fairly common. These products really do work. They fit well, stay in place and the heat from a few quick minutes in the microwave lasts long enough to relax my muscles from an Ice Hockey game. Highly recommend!

Carolyn Feb 18th 2022

Heart wraps

I have three friends retiring and wanted to get a gift that would not get put up on a shelf and forgotten so one night while using my wrap, a light bulb went off in my head. I immediately went to the relax wrap website and selected three heart wraps in Flower Power with the classic scent to give as retirement gifts. I have several wraps that I use often either on achy muscles are just to warm up. To me this is the perfect gift for my friends. I know they will thoroughly enjoy their gifts. The wraps are beautiful and just the right size to use on the shoulders and joints and on the back of the neck. The quality of the products is definitely worth the price.

Rosemary S  Apr 28th 2022

Heart shaped wrap

This is an excellent shape for a wrap. I have several of the other shapes, but this one fits in spots where others do not. EXCELLENT PRODUCT !!!!!

Amanda H  May 18th 2022

Awesome products

This is the third relax wrap I have purchased. I bought my first at a festival over a decade ago. It lasted over ten years before I decided to buy a new one. I absolutely love it. I had to buy a third one because my daughter was taking mine over so I had to buy her one of her own. She is 10. The heart size is perfect for her. She uses it to relax nightly when she goes to sleep. This has helped her anxiety even better than the weighted blanket she was using. We absolutely love our relax wraps. Thank you!


Teresa Lynn M  Feb 13th 2022

My go to for heat relief!

Have ordered several body wraps over the last few years....for my massage therapy business and personal use for my back, shoulders, and hips. They are extremely well made and smell oh so amazing.....particularly the lavender! Appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes in to making these luxurious wraps! You will not be disappointed! Thanks again!

Marlene F  Jan 1st 2022

Body Wrap style

Relax Wraps is the "Best of the Best"! I have been using their products for 10+ years and have never been disappointed. I have one in every size and have bought them for friends and family as gifts. I keep enough on hand to have in the freezer and be able to use in microwave. The new large one fits the length of my back or can wrap from hip to hip. Highly recommend any of their products. When ordered you receive them in a timely manner - best of all - they are made by a family that lives in Nashville Tenn.


Barb  Apr 5th 2021

Perfect for every member of the family

I bought the heart wraps for my granddaughters to use when they come to visit. It’s part of our bedtime ritual where we heat up the wraps and they can go to sleep with their teddy bear and warm Relax Wrap


Samuel B  May 3rd 2021

Worth every single penny

I bought the neck wrap for my wife after her sister quit letting her borrow hers. She gets headaches often and we keep the wrap in the freezer. It is big enough to wrap all the way around her head and basically cures her headaches. Extremely high quality material that I haven’t found anywhere else. If you have headaches or body aches these things are miracle workers!


Jo-Anne B Dec 24th 2020

Neck wraps

I have repeatedly purchased a variety of wraps over the years for myself and for gifts. Not only do I love the product and use it for a wide variety of aches and pains but love doing business with the owners of this business. They are accommodating, informative, attentive and devoted to their business model. Love supporting them and the quality of their product.

June McC Mar 12th 2019

Relax Neck Wrap

Just purchased my 4th or 5th relax wrap. Have been using them for years for tight, sore muscles.. They hold the heat well and are durable.


Rebekah M Jul 13th 2020

Loved for years!

I’ve owned a back wrap for 8 years and absolutely love it. I love that I can enjoy it walking around or lying down. And the Velcro has held up great under many, many uses! I also have the eye wrap and love it for headaches.


Beth W May 21st 2020

All Wraps

I have several of these wraps and use them daily, I love them they are made well and I have also given several as gifts. They help me feel better everytime I use one and I highly recommend them.


My name is Addison Marshall and I just wanted to let y’all know that I have had my relax wrap for 18 years. My mother originally bought for her knee pain when I was a child at the Oprymills mall and passed it down to me when I started getting chronic migraines. It is worth its weight in gold. I would not have survived all these years without it. I still use it every night. I am going to buy more, but I was going to leave a comment to tell your customers how amazing it is.

Anyway long story short, please don’t stop making these-- I know I couldn’t have survived without it.


I wanted to mention this is a very testimonial-worthy product--

Testimonials can be really effective and I bet you get a lot of great ones. One of the things I like best (besides this particularly pattern and design) is that the scent blend is amazing! I'm very picky and have sensitivities to chemical fragrances and this classic blend is sublime.

Thanks for making such wonderful products and again for sending the eye mask--outstanding customer service!!!
Kind regards,
Trista R, Mt. Juliet

Relax NeckWrap

 Product: Neck Wrap
Posted By: June McCurry

Just purchased my 4th or 5th relax wrap. Have been using them for years for tight, sore muscles.. They hold the heat well and are durable.


Product: Basic Wrap
Posted By: Lynn Carper

These are the best wraps on the market, for heat or ice. I have been buying these since 2005 and get about 2 a year, I have the knee wrap, back wrap, eye wrap and flat wraps. They help me stay pain free on a daily basis. love the prints too.

so relaxing

 Product: Collar Wrap
Posted By: amy williams

i've had other wraps but like the shape and scent of this one the best. It allows me to sleep better every night.

Awesome Product

Product: Collar & Back Set
Posted By: Beth

I have several of these and use them everyday. They are comfortable and really help ease the pain for my back and neck. I highly recommend these and also have purchased for friends and family.

Love them!

Product: Neck & Basic Set
Posted By: Susan

They are fantastic and I LOVE them!