Each Relax Wrap can do 3 helpful things - 

You can choose how to use it

based on what will help most at the time.


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What is Deep Pressure Therapy?

You have experienced Deep Pressure Therapy before! Every time you get a good hug, you are getting Deep Pressure Therapy. Applying gentle, distributed weight to your body does lots of cool things. It fires a bunch of happy chemicals in your brain. These happy chemicals make you feel calm. They give you a sense of well-being. This effect is called Deep Pressure Stimulation. With a Relax Wrap, you don't have to wait for the next great hug to come along. You can get Deep Pressure Therapy any time you want!

Note: Deep Pressure is painless. Don't think of someone digging their knuckle deep into your muscle until you are in pain! Deep Pressure actually encourages muscles to relax softly and gently.


When should I use Deep Pressure Therapy?

When you...

  • could use a hug
  • are feeling anxious or stressed
  • have a hard time controlling sensory stimulation
  • are having trouble sleeping
  • need to slow down your thoughts
  • need a portable weighted blanket (in the car, at school, at the office)


When should I use Deep Pressure + Hot Therapy?

When you...

  • are dealing with chronic pain like back pain or arthritis
  • have sore or tight muscles, and want to improve flexibility and range of motion
  • need to relax. The weight and the heat of the wrap cause muscles to go slack
  • want to increase circulation.


When should I use Deep Pressure + Cold Therapy?

When you...

  • want to reduce swelling
  • want to wake up or you're feeling groggy.
  • have a migraine
  • have a hangover
  • need an ice pack, but find they are too cold to keep on the area
  • want to alternate between hot and cold
  • having your "own private summer" or want to coooool down
  • Sometimes, cold is just what works!!


What are some other benefits of using a Relax Wrap?

  1. There are no side effects.
  2. It may be used as often as needed. If emotional or physical pain causes problems every day throughout the day, you can use it over and over. 
  3. It can be used as a supplement to your current regimen. You can use your wrap along with what you are already doing to deal with your stress and pain to feel even better!
  4. It is versatile, easily going from hot to cold or just used for deep pressure therapy, like a hug.
  5. It is natural. 
  6. It is made by hand, so you can feel the love we put into making your wrap.
  7. Read our Care & Use page for more very important information!