Here are instructions how to use and care for your Relax Wrap!

Before using your Wrap, please read ALL information to get the most out of your Wrap and make sure you are being safe while enjoying it. Feel free to consult your medical professional about additional care and use. Relax Wraps do not claim to treat, prevent, diagnose, heal or cure.

Suggestions when heating or chilling a Body, Back or Collar Wrap:

  • Body - roll from one end to the other OR fold in quarters to the size of a dinner plate. When chilling, it should fit well in a 2-qt ziptop bag in the freezer. Remove wrap from the bag before heating.
  • Back- close the velcro straps to hide and fold inside, as the velcro can get hotter than the wrap. Fold to the size of a dinner plate, to make sure it can turn freely in the microwave. When chilling, it should fit well in a 1-qt ziptop bag in the freezer. Remove wrap from the bag before heating.
  • Collar - fold the "arms" inside, then fold in half to the size of a dinner plate, to make sure it can turn freely in the microwave. When chilling, it should fit well in a 2-qt ziptop bag in the freezer. Remove wrap from the bag before heating.

For Deep Pressure Therapy:

Place the heated, chilled or room temp Relax Wrap on the preferred areas and allow it to gently mold to your body. Leave it there for 20-40 minutes, allowing your muscles to gently go slack. Deep Pressure is a painless way to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. It can also help with sensory overload and/or fatigue, assisting the body to relax and rest.

For Deep Pressure + Hot Therapy:

Just place the wrap in the microwave or on an inside sunny window ledge then place the wrap on the body areas. You will enjoy the benefits of Deep Pressure Therapy with the added soothing comfort of heat.

For Deep Pressure + Cold Therapy:

Store your wrap in a ziptop or closeable bag then place in the the freezer or refrigerator for at least 20-30 min. Overnight or stowed there in the bag when not in use is most ideal for longer life of the flax (and herbs, if any.) The bag will keep freezer moisture and smells away from your RWrap, so it won't smell like your tater tots or fish sticks!

Remove from the freezer or refrigerator and take from the storage bag and place on the body areas. You will get the benefits of Deep Pressure Therapy with the added anti-inflammation of cold, for any swelling, bee stings, sprains, back pain, "your own private summers", to cool down from overheating while exercising, sports, outside chores, etc.

Suggested uses:

  • Heart - back of head, eyes/forehead/top of head, back of neck & shoulders, chest & throat, tummy, lower back, hip/pelvis area, under/over feet, over one shoulder, elbow or knee. Doubled over as a neck roll or under knee, clutch for a general "comfort buddy".
  • Body - portable weighted blanket over or under the body, over or under the feet, over or under the knees, a tall neck or lower back roll.
  • Collar - "shawl" around shoulders & upper neck, draped over & under one shoulder/shoulder blade area, chest & throat, tummy/hip/pelvis area, lower back, over or under knees, over and/or under the feet, top of head/ears/eyes.
  • XL Basic - Also Everywhere the Heart can cover.
  • Back - Around the back or tummy area, around the shoulders, around the knee or elbow or ankle, across the head/ears or eyes, on or under the feet, across the chest, cross-strapped across the chest for those hard-to-reach places on the back/shoulder blade areas.

What's inside a Relax Wrap?

We fill every RWrap with high-quality food-grade flaxseed. It is a tiny grain that helps Relax Wraps do their job. It doesn't feel bulky like other fillers and feels almost like sand. Many of you are familiar with flax, as it's what you put on your cereal or sprinkle on your food!

Why flax? Unlike other fillers like clay, plastic or glass beads, flax moves silently to contour the body. Some people use other natural grains like rice, corn, buckwheat or cherry pits. These grains usually take on an odor and break down over time, as they lose their moisture. They don't often hold cold very well at all.

Flax holds up better than any other natural filler and is the most odor-neutral filler over time because of the flaxseed oil inside. All the layers in that little flaxseed only know to hold the temperature around them, so whether warm/hot from the microwave, warmed by the sun on the window ledge, room temp or chilled by your air conditioning or cold from the freezer, they can go hot & cold as often as needed daily.

How long should my Relax Wrap last?

We find that the average life of a Relax Wrap is around 2-3 years, depending on daily use and with proper care, it will last much longer. You'll want additional Wraps to share or place elsewhere on the body at the same time, because Sharing can get ugly haha

IF YOU DON'T OVERHEAT IT OR GET IT WET, it should last a long time. Heating or chilling it is a usage suggestion, but you don't have to do either one to successfully enjoy your Relax Wrap with the wonderful weight like a hug to help you slow down and rest.

Friendly warning: Love em but don't loan em or you won't get em back!! We adore that you share them, but they don't usually get returned to you, if borrowed for long ha. Send the instructions card with them, so they'll use it carefully as well.

Here are the details for how to use and care for your Relax Wraps:

Is the wrap going to fit in my microwave?

If you choose to heat your wrap, Yes! Unless you have a super small microwave, even our biggest wrap (The Body Wrap) will fold or roll up onto a standard dinner plate. Just make sure it can always turn without hesitation or flip halfway through the heating time, to make sure it doesn't burn or singe the wrap. Don't leave it unattended while heating, to make sure it's Always turning and never touching the microwave sides during heating.

  • *Also, please see the suggestions listed at the top of this page to heat & chill the Body, Back & Collar Wraps.

How long do I heat my wrap?

General suggested heating times are: (microwaves vary greatly, so heat just a little at first)

  • Back Wrap ~ 1-2 min (cover up the velcro completely when heating)
  • Basic & XL Basic Wrap ~ 1-2 min
  • Body Wrap ~ 2-3:30 min (fold or roll it to the size of a dinner plate, then flip it half way through heating)
  • Collar Wrap ~ 2-3 min (fold up to the size of a dinner plate, so it will easily turn)
  • Eye Wrap ~ 10-30 SECONDS
  • Neck Wrap ~ 1-2 min

What should I keep in mind when trying to find the right heating time for me?

Great question! Carefully consider:

  • How hot you like it- Some people like mild heat and some like it much hotter. (Don't heat so hot that you have to wait for it to cool, before you can use it. That can shorten the life of the flax and herbs, since you're "cooking" it basically. Not too hot!)
  • Whether you are placing it on bare skin or on top of clothing- Reduce the heating time if placing directly on bare skin. Consult your medical professional if heat is to be applied to hands or feet with neuropathy and lack of feeling to determine heat level.
  • How strong your microwave is- The suggested heating times above are based on an 1100 watt microwave. 

What should I do the first time I heat it?

Start low and go slow. Start at the lowest recommended heating time or LESS the first time, adding 10 seconds at a time until you reach the desired temperature. Once you know how your microwave will heat it successfully, then you will know your favorite time. For example: Collar or Back 1 min 45 sec.

How long does the heat last?

On average, a safe 20 minutes with the gentle warmth felt as it naturally cools down up to 40 mins typically. We don't recommend using your RWrap very hot longer than 15-20 mins at a time or you might burn your skin! Take a quick break and heat it again in 30-45 second increments if you would like more hot therapy. 

I want to heat it again. Should I reduce the heating time?

Yes. When reheating, reduce the heating time if the wrap has been heated in the last hour. Reason: the wrap holds heat for up to an hour. If you pop it in the microwave for the full heating time (while it is still a little warm) you might burn it or You!


Treat an area with hot or cold therapy no more than 20 minutes at a time. Any more than this might risk damage to skin. 

  • If you have a sensory disorder that prevents you from feeling certain sensations, you should avoid using hot or cold therapy at home, as you may not be able to feel that damage is being done to your skin. If your condition has resulted in nerve damage or lessened sensitivity, please consult your physician or medical adviser before using your Relax Wrap safely.
  • Do not apply your wrap to an open wound. 

Hot Therapy

Can I burn my Relax Wrap?

Yes. Just like anything else you put in the microwave, it will burn if heated too long or not allowed to constantly turn while heating. To avoid this, read all the tips provided here. Make sure the RWrap can turn throughout heating, not just the plate beneath it. Never leave your microwave unattended during heating. A microwave will burn a hole in a potato, if it concentrates on one spot long enough! Your microwave can damage your RWrap, too, if not heated properly and carefully. If you overheat your RWrap, since the wrap can't do that on its own, we suggest that you let the wrap cool down completely without shaking it around, to let the singed or burned flaxseed area cool down or pop it quickly in your freezer or refrigerator storage bag and into the freezer to cool the overheated flax area quickly. Leave in the freezer 30 mins or more, then resume use. If it smells singed, you can spritz essential oils LIGHTLY on the area.

Can I burn my skin?

Yes. If the wrap is heated for too long, you can burn your skin. This is rare and staying within the recommended heating times on your instruction card and listed on this page should eliminate this issue. Heat it for the shortest time listed until you determine what you prefer that is safe for you and for your Relax Wrap.

When should hot therapy be avoided?

There are certain cases where hot therapy should not be used. If the area is bruised or swollen, it may be better to use cold therapy. Do not apply heat when there is swelling, as this may increase swelling and prolong recovery. Those with certain pre-existing conditions should not use heat therapy due to a higher risk of burns or complications due to heat application. These conditions include: diabetes, dermatitis, vascular diseases, deep vein thrombosis, and multiple sclerosis. 

Other heating tips:

Your wrap will arrive in a nice, thick plastic storage bag. Do not heat in the plastic bag, but hang onto it! It's good for storing your wrap when not in use, especially in the freezer or refrigerator to keep it dry and clean.

As the wrap is spot clean only, place it on a dinner plate, paper towel or napkin to avoid food stains in the microwave. You can also place it safely on an inside window sill to warm / heat nicely. Check often to avoid overheating and fabric fading.


If you will be using your wrap cold most of the time, it can stay in the freezer, in the plastic bag you received your wrap in to avoid taking on a freezer smell.

Your wrap will not freeze solid. It stays flexible to contour to the body.

Can my wrap go straight from the freezer into the microwave?

Yes! It will obviously need to be heated a little longer than if it were room temperature. Heat the wrap for your normal heating time, and add 15 seconds until you reach the desired temperature. 

When should cold therapy be avoided?

Avoid using cold therapy on stiff muscles or joints. Also, avoid cold therapy if you have poor circulation. 

What general precautions should I take when using my wrap? Always consult your medical provider / advisor before beginning any treatment program. This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate treatment program. If you experience any pain or discomfort, stop using your Relax Wrap and consult your healthcare provider. Relax Wraps do not claim to treat, heal or cure.

Care Instructions

  • Store in the plastic bag you received your wrap in when not in use, especially when in the freezer. Remove from bag to heat.
  • Do not eat, overheat, get wet or place in water. Check warmth carefully before placing on the skin.
  • Spot clean with a baby wipe or something similar. Our Relax Wraps are NOT washable.

Warning: Misuse of this product can result in burns. Our company's liability for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, or special consequential damages to property or life, arising out of or connected with the misuse of our products, expressed or implied, is limited to the product purchase price. You assume all responsibility for use and/or misuse of any Relax Wraps product at any time. Relax Wraps do not claim to diagnose, treat, prevent, heal or cure.

Don't overheat them or get them wet and you'll enjoy them for a long time!    

Call or write with any questions~ We appreciate your business!

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