Here are instructions for how to use and care for your Relax Wrap!

Before using your Wrap, please read ALL information to get the most out of your Wrap

and to make sure you are being safe while enjoying it.


For Deep Pressure Therapy:

Just place the wrap on the area, and allow it to gently mold to your body. Leave it there for 20-40 minutes, allowing your muscles to gently go slack. Deep Pressure is a painless way to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It also helps with sensory overload.

For Deep Pressure + Hot Therapy:

Just place the wrap in the microwave, and then place the wrap on the area. You will get the benefits of Deep Pressure Therapy with the added soothing comfort of heat.

For Deep Pressure + Cold Therapy:

Put your wrap in the freezer for 20-30 min. Remove from the freezer and place on the area. You will get the benefits of Deep Pressure Therapy with the added refreshing wake-up call of cold.


What's inside of a Relax Wrap?

We fill with high-quality food-grade flaxseed. It is a tiny grain that helps Relax Wraps do their job. It doesn't feel bulky like other fillers. It feels almost like sand.

Why flax? Unlike other fillers like plastic or glass beads, flax moves silently to contour the body. Some people use other natural grains like rice or cherry pits. These grains take on odor and break down. Flax holds up better than any other natural filler and is the most odor-neutral filler over time.


How long with my wrap last?

The average life of a Relax Wrap is 2-3 years. With proper care, it will last much longer, but you'll want an additional Wrap to share or place elsewhere on the body at the same time. 


Here are the details for how to use and care for your wrap. Enjoy your Relax Wrap! 

Is the wrap going to fit in my microwave?

Yes! Unless you have a super small microwave, even our biggest wrap (The Body Wrap) will fold up onto a standard dinner plate.

How long do I heat my wrap?

General heating times are:

  • Back Wrap 1-2 min
  • Basic & XL Basic Wrap 1-2 min
  • Body Wrap 3-4:30 (This one is pretty big, so flip it half way through heating)
  • Collar Wrap 2-3 min
  • Eye Wrap 10-30 sec
  • Neck Wrap 1-2 min

What should I keep in mind when trying to find the right heating time for me?

Good question! Think about:

  • How hot you like it. Some people like mild heat, and some like it very hot! 
  • Whether you are placing it on bare skin or on top of clothing. Reduce the heating time if placing directly on bare skin. 
  • How strong your microwave is. The suggested heating times above are based on an 1100 watt microwave. 

What should I do the first time I heat it?

Start low and go slow. Start at the lowest recommended heating time, adding 10 seconds at a time until you reach the desired temperature. You only have to do this once, and then you will know that your favorite time is (1 min 45 sec, for example).

How long does the heat last?

A safe 20 minutes. Any longer than this, and you could burn your skin! Take a quick break and heat it again if you would like more hot therapy. 

I want to heat it again. Should I reduce the heating time?

Yes. When reheating, reduce the heating time if the wrap has been heated in the last hour. Reason: the wrap holds heat for up to an hour. If you pop it in the microwave for the full heating time (while it is still a little warm) you might burn it.



Treat an area with hot or cold therapy no more than 20 minutes at a time. Any more than this can risk damage to skin. 

  • If you have a sensory disorder that prevents you from feeling certain sensations, you should avoid using hot or cold therapy at home, as you may not be able to feel that damage is being done to your skin. If your condition has resulted in nerve damage or lessened sensitivity, please consult your physician before using your wrap.
  • Do not apply your wrap to an open wound. 

Hot Therapy

Can I burn my Relax Wrap?

Yes. Just like anything else you put in the microwave, it will burn if heated too long. To avoid this, read all the tips provided here. Make sure the wrap can turn throughout heating. Never leave your microwave unattended during heating.

Can I burn my skin?

Yes. If the wrap is heated for too long, you will burn your skin. This is rare, and staying within the recommended heating times eliminates this issue.

When should hot therapy be avoided?

There are certain cases where hot therapy should not be used. If the area is bruised or swollen, it may be better to use cold therapy. Do not apply heat when there is swelling, as this may increase swelling and prolong recovery. Those with certain pre-existing conditions should not use heat therapy due to a higher risk of burns or complications due to heat application. These conditions include: diabetes, dermatitis, vascular diseases, deep vein thrombosis, and multiple sclerosis. 

Other heating tips:

Your wrap will arrive in a nice, thick plastic storage bag. Do not heat in the plastic bag. But hang on to it! It's good for storing you wrap when not in use.

As the wrap is spot clean only, place it on a dinner plate to avoid food stains. 



If you know you will be using your wrap cold most of the time, it can stay in the freezer.

Your wrap will not freeze solid. It stays flexible to contour to the body.

Keep it in the plastic bag you received your wrap in to avoid taking on a freezer smell. 

Can my wrap go straight from the freezer into the microwave?

Yes! It will obviously need to be heated longer than if it were room temperature. Heat the wrap for your normal heating time, and add 15 seconds until you reach the desired temperature. 

When should cold therapy be avoided?

Avoid using cold therapy on stiff muscles or joints. Also, avoid cold therapy if you have poor circulation. 

What general precautions should I take when using my wrap? Always consult your physician before beginning any treatment program. This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition, or to replace your healthcare professional. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate treatment program. If you experience any pain or discomfort, stop using your Relax Wrap and consult your healthcare provider. 


Care Instructions

  • Store in the plastic bag you received your wrap in when not in use.
  • Do not eat, overheat, or place in water. 
  • Spot clean only.


We wish we didn't have to put this on our site. It is the fine print stuff, but we have to include it.

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