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The amazing Collar Wrap has been our most-requested shape since we designed it years ago. It's shape has been "borrowed" by other companies, so we take the compliment that it's a surefire hit. It can definitely be used on any area of the body- It's designed to hug the neck & shoulders, resting gently down the back between the hard-to-reach shoulder blades, but can be dropped to the mid-back when sitting or lying down.

The Collar Wrap is also carefully handcrafted and typically 33" long & 12" wide. Sizes can vary slightly, since made by human hands. The compression and weight is why we LOVE a hug so much- it's delicious.

It lays fabulously on the chest & throat when you feel the crud coming on, so heat and BREATHE in deeply, to let our incredible custom blend of herbs open up your sinuses and bring you back to rest & calm.

The larger shape is intended to hug across your tummy and hips and across your lower back, when needed. It's the go-to once a month for the ladies, for sure...

**Gift Idea: This Collar Wrap and Eye Wrap make a very appreciated set for men or women, especially for students and young adults, we find. It helps them decompress from the day, which they're usually carrying in their shoulders & neck. It's so hard to find nice gifts that people will actually USE. This is wonderful for the ones you bought nice candles or diffusers for last time. Enjoy the hug & smile you'll get for giving this. Love.


Every Relax Wrap may be used in 3 ways. You choose what will help you most at that moment.

1. You may want your Relax Wrap for Deep Pressure Therapy only. This helps with anxiety.

2. You may want Deep Pressure + Hot Therapy. This soothes achy muscles and provides even more help with anxiety and depression.

3. You may want Deep Pressure + Cold Therapy. This helps with inflammation. It also provides a quick natural energy boost, thanks to that refreshing cold sensation.


No matter how or where you use it, you will feel better.

Click How A Relax Wrap Works to learn more about Deep Pressure Therapy!

You can add aromatherapy and choose your fabric. Click Customize to learn more!



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Additional Info

5.00 LBS

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