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The Fabulous Heart Wrap!! What a glorious piece for everywhere-

One for Hot Therapy and one in the freezer for Cold Therapy or one for you and one to share, as sharing can get ugly! haha

The Heart is great for SO many areas of the body and weighs about 2 lbs.

A few ways we use it are:

  • draped over or under a shoulder or arm
  • under & over a wrist / elbow
  • under & over hands & fingers
  • over or under a knee
  • over or under your foot / feet
  • over or under your head
  • over your eyes for slight weight & to block the light
  • behind the head & shoulder area
  • behind the neck as a neck roll
  • over or under the breast / chest area, especially for new moms or during medical treatments
  • under the chin & throat for the crud
  • gently sit on as needed
  • monthly cramping and leg cramps
  • doubled and "clutched" as a comfort buddy, especially with depression and/or anxiety, help with sleep
  • let us know the ways You use yours!


Every Relax Wrap can be used in 3 ways~ You choose what helps you most at that moment:

1. Deep Pressure Therapy room-temp to help with any anxiety, stress & loneliness. Double the Heart over for a wonderful comfort buddy.

2. Deep Pressure + Hot Therapy helps soothe aching muscles and provides even more help with any anxiety, depression and wonderful warmth to help with sleep.

3. Deep Pressure + Cold Therapy helps with inflammation and provides a quick natural energy boost. Also, a welcome joy for those personal summers we ladies have! Store it in a bag, to keep the freezer / fridge moisture away and so it won't smell like your tater tots! Remove it or Leave it in the bag to use it COLD, but definitely remove it from the bag if you want to warm it in the microwave at any point.

 No matter how or where you use it, you will feel better.

Click How A Relax Wrap Works to learn more about Deep Pressure Therapy!

You can add aromatherapy and choose your fabric. Click Customize to learn more!


All of our Relax Wraps can be heated in the microwave, warmed in a sunny window sill, used at room temp and chilled in the freezer or refrigerator. Made to use all ways, over & over.

Just Don't overheat or get them wet, and you'll have them a long time!

Both sides are here: Relax Wraps instructions / suggestions for careful use card for successful and safe enjoyment.

MamaSue & Dan

Relax Wraps, 615-872-0505



Reviews (11)

Leighanne Feb 22nd 2023


Our students love the weighted hearts.

Carrie Dec 6th 2022

The gift of warmth!

I have purchased several Relax Wraps warming packs over the years, for myself and as gifts for friends. I naturally run quite cold and having a warm pack to hold in my hands or lap makes all the difference. They provide quick warmth reliably for several years of frequent use and the fabric is sturdy and cheerful. I prefer unscented for myself but friends have told me that the chamomile scent is "just right". Shipping is quick as well. I highly recommend these and will continue to repurchase as needed.

Additional Info

Additional Info

2.00 LBS
14.00 (in)
11.00 (in)
1.00 (in)

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