Hot & Cold Flax Wraps
Made by Hand in Nashville, TN
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    What is a Relax Wrap?
  Relax Wraps are used to work through stress and pain.

There are 3 benefits offered by a Relax Wrap.
  1. Hot & Cold Therapy [Microwave & Freezer]
  2. Weight Therapy [Using the weight of the wraps to encourage muscles to relax]
  3. Aromatherapy [Add one of our Herbal Blends, Unscented also available]

Your Relax Wrap is Made to Order.
Create your Relax Wrap.
We make your wrap by hand
in our shop in Nashville, Tennessee.

Relax Wraps are filled with
100% US-Grown Flax.
You may have used a bag
filled with rice, corn,
cherry pits, buckwheat, or beans.
We choose Flax because the oil inside each seed offers fast and long-lasting heating and cooling.

It is also a tiny grain,
contouring well to the body.
It doesn't feel chunky or bulky.

Flax doesn't take on an odor like other grains.
It gives years of use, making a better wrap.

Create Your Relax Wrap

Scented or Unscented?

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