At Relax Wraps, we have been joyfully helping people feel better for over 19 years-- Our family started this business full-time when MamaSue's L5 went bad and we knew we could craft something better that she and others could use to recover. We finally outgrew our bonus room by 2001 when Chiropractors, Plastic Surgeons, Eyecare Clinics, Orthopedic Clinics, Physical & Massage Therapists, Brides, Nail Salons, Eldercare, Teachers and Dentists tried us ha. We were so happy to meet so many of you in the Nashville Opry Mills Mall for 17 of those years or another retail location in Nashville or the Huntsville, Ala, Parkway Place Mall.

Every wrap is made completely here in Nashville, TN, from locally or domestically-sourced materials --- No mass production, with the flaxseed still poured from MamaSue's original measuring cups from our kitchen. We have made hundreds of thousands of wraps and totally stand behind the quality of each one. If you have one of our first generation wraps, it's definitely time to treat yourself to a fresh one-- You'll love our improvements!! We fresh-fill when you order and send to you in an industrial ziptop bag for storage.

Our total purpose is to help a person feel better by being loved & comforted every day, all day long when they use their Relax Wraps-

We want to create wraps that they also share with others, to help them feel better, too, and be thought of every time they are used.

We're 99% landfill-free and have given away almost as many to charities and causes as we've sold for over 19 years-- We live to hear you say, "ahhhhhh.....", knowing you feel better.

 > In this day of massive multi-product retailers, we know that American Mom&Pop, Son&Daughter manufacturing and micro small business is almost lost. Our hearts are fully in what we have always carefully handcrafted for you, with love, from start to finish here in Nashville. We SO appreciate allllll your notes, cards, emails, referrals & posts of love and gratitude for what we've worked so hard to make well for you. We adore knowing how you find us different from all others and how we've been a family friend in your homes for so many years. That's the legacy we've wanted to craft- that you would see and use Relax Wraps and say, "Ohhhhh, I LOVE these!!" then use them daily and pass a wrap or the word about them along.

Not being on Ebay, Etsy or Amazon, we totally rely on your helping us get the word out.

THANK YOU for allowing us to help you feel better and supporting our diligent efforts. Come see us at our shop online that's always open, RelaxWraps.com, or on the road at major festivals in the Southeast mostly.

With Much Love and Gratitude,

Dan, MamaSue, Brandon & Ashley