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Collar Wrap

The amazing Collar Wrap has been our most-requested shape since we designed it years ago. It's shape has been "borrowed" by other companies, so we take the compliment that it's a surefire hit. It can definitely be used on any area of the body- It's...

Heart Set - Heart, Basic, Eye

This set includes a Heart Wrap, a Basic Wrap, and an Eye Wrap. Some like to have one just for Hot Therapy, and keep one in the freezer for Cold Therapy. Some like to have one for themselves, and one for their partner or child.   Relax Wraps...

Neck & Basic Set

This set includes a Neck Wrap and a Basic Wrap.   Relax Wraps are extremely versatile. They may be used on pretty much any area of the body.   Every Relax Wrap may be used in 3 ways. You choose what will help you most at that...

Neck Wrap

The Neck Wrap is extremely versatile and popular. They may be used anywhere on the body, especially around the neck & shoulders, down the waist and hip, across the knee(s). It can circle the waist or back or placed on the floor under and...